The beach


Langre Beach, unique and splendid in its way of portraying paradise, is amongst Spain’s top 10 most beautiful beach destinations. Its crystalline water, whose tint is the purest form of turquoise, coexists in harmony with a most grandiose and spectacular natural environment. This special occurrence, results in a place that is like no other in the world. An ideal spot where the perfect conditions are bound to combine fun and learning, in extraordinary ways.

About us

Hey there!
We’re Langre Beach: we SURF, and we TEACH (and sometimes bust a rhyme or two). We also like to keep things plain and straightforward, which is why we named this surf school —and soon-to-be hostel— after our home, and favorite place in the world. Simple, yet significant.

Langre Beach is a way of life, it’s sand, and salt, and wax, and joy. It’s us, it’s you, it’s anyone who wants to have an awesome time. It’s the ultimate surfing experience, and it’s for everyone, so WELCOME!


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